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Hi guys. You know, last week (or whenever that was) when I sent out a little newsletter, I asked you for some ideas for a new web set. Lot’s of good ones too! But the most frequently requested theme was a Gothic-like set. Granted, this isn’t really a “Gothic” theme, but it is a little darker than what I’ve been doing lately, yes?
Nothing Else Matters
In my last set, I used a font that someone reprimanded me about ‘cos it wasn’t a freebie. Sorry about that Mac, but like I said, sometimes I just want to play with fonts that I bought and don’t really get an opportunity to use that often, ya know? So this week I used a couple of freebies! woowoo.
There are a couple different ones actually. The font used for the navigation buttons is called “Glider Girls” and you can pick it up over here (plus lots more). Then the few little doodads in that “line” graphic above, are from Nerfect called Ausfahrt... kinda cool, hmm? So that’s the font dealio.
Otherwise, not a whole bunch of stuff for this set, but the header was fun to create. You can download the set in this very spot ---> right here! <--- ok? Just for PCs, but if you need the set for a mac, just let me know and I’ll stuff-it for ya.
E N T E R   S A N D M A N
Okee doke then - go check out the other top suggestion for a set - baby, baby, baby! Toodleoooo, xoxo, ~Kitty

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