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”Free Association Queen” “Hippie Chick” “Kitten,” and of course, “mizKitty” are all terms of endearment from friends o’ mine (Kath-leeen from my mom!). I think as you stroll around my web site, browse the web page templates, and read random thoughts scattered about, you may feel like we've met before. Sometimes visitors have written to me to say that they could relate to some of the things that I put on my web sets. Well, if you happen to be in the Milwaukee area, and see a little red convertible zipping around and Ink2Art license plates, wave like a crazy person and pull me over - we can have a cuppa coffee!
In the meantime, let me hit a few of the highlights for you, k? ME - I get very obsessed with new things, just to name a few...

*The Digital Divas are no more. We were a very strong group of technically gifted women who bonded together and helped others around the web (to make a long story short). In 2000, we beat Microsoft! Read about it here and here. It was a wild and wonderful ride!

Kitty Kitty, giving it away since 1995!

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  • I have always viewed life thru an artist's eye
  • I have a tendency to ramble
  • I am wooed by intelligent, warm, and witty people
  • I truly enjoy what I do for a living.
  • I'm honest, goofy, and will always tell you if you have something  hangin' out of your nose or stuck in your teeth.
  • I believe life really IS too short to sweat the small stuff!
  • I get sudden spurts of JOY that make me want to dance around and be creative...
Hippy Kitty, Kitty Little & Kitty Kitty

ETC: old school Motown tunes, mellow early 70’s - James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Moody Blues... flower child, eclectic decorating style, weird objects de' art,  love "Yankee Candle Tarts," incense (NagChampa! yummy), and essential oils...

Did I tell you I like vintage? I dig retro 50-60's stuff and play Metallica too. Used to ch-ch with John Mayal and Edgar Winter, Ten Years After.. my nickname was Suzy Creamcheese from the Frank Zappa song... and I hitch-hiked around the USA by myself (and am still here to talk about it!) and every year I watch marathons of Woodstock.
Read  a few interviews

In the words of a few other people that I've had the pleasure of being interviewed by:

The Head Lemur's Pixelview with the Kitty

My essay as an Independent Web Publisher

I think this was one of the first interviews I did..

No, actually this is the oldie-moldie interview...
Girl Geek of the Week - ha!

Just for fun... *Kitty Star!*  ;) (oh, and a Kitty blog)


Art Beat Street

I’ve also done a few interviews myself over on ArtBeat Street. Artists Mark Ryden, Tim Biskup, James Jean, Shag and lots more. Cool, huh?


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