Dear Adine...

If you could see him now, you would be sooo proud of  your hubby! He has really 'adapted' well to his new surroundings. Granted, it's been a couple of years already, but even when he first came to live with us, you could tell that he was trying to slip into our routine without  causing any waves.

You know how short tempered and impatient he is! I  don't know who's worse, him or Jim?! He has totally changed his attitude. Now he's the one that usually is trying to talk Jim out of being so unreasonable, or to settle down because nothing is worth getting that hot and upset  about. He says stuff that you used to tell HIM, for so many years.

He has a couple of new admirers too. It wasn't too long after Lennie gave Phoebe a rub down, and a cookie or two, that she became his most devoted fan! Many times I've caught them both in the recliner, Len gently rocking with Phoebe curled up in his lap. Dolly loved him right  from the start, and when Phoebe lets her, has to sit right in front of his chair, on top of his foot so she can feel his warmth next to her. Boy-oh-boy does he spoil those dogs!

I can tell when he's thinking of you. He's kind of  quiet. Doesn't say a whole lot.... just sits and stares at the T.V. Maybe he had a dream about you the night before, or maybe it was the country singer on the television that you used to listen to. I know that he was thinking  of you on your birthday, and on what would have been your 50th wedding anniversary. He misses you so much Adine.

He's a trooper though. He helps with washing the  dishes, he vacuums the living room, and he bites his tongue when he doesn't agree with our way of doing things. He has a routine now. He has adapted to the 90's at 84 years old.

You would be so proud of him Adine.

The world stands  out on either side. No wider than the heart is wide;
Above the world is stretched the sky. No higher than the soul is high. ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay

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