Hello my lovelies, my friends, my o-so-familiar visitors. This isn’t really a set—actually it turned into a desktop wallpaper for you if you so desire. If not, then consider it my Christmas wish to you all, k? (there wasn’t credit for the quote I used btw, so I don’t know who/where it’s from)

It’s 1:14am Thanksgiving Day, and I just took the turkey out of the oven. Yup, sure did. When I was still saving lives, I started baking the turkey the night before, especially if I had to work on Thanksgiving. That way I obviously didn’t have to bake a 24-ish lb. turkey at 3 o’clock in the afternoon while my family starved waiting. Oh sure, hubby and/or Mumsy put it in the oven a couple of times, but I guess I wanted to retain control of the entire shindig so I knew it would all turn out ok... well, more or less.

ANYway, the font that I used for the quote is called Redstar and you can download it over at dafont.

Mmm, what else? OH, if you would indeed like to use this as a wallpaper, just clicky over here and right-click to save it. I just have the one size, 1400 x 900, hope you don’t mind...

I’m just rambling now, so I think I’ll close ‘er up for the night. Y’all have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day if you’re celebrating. Love the ones you’re with, cherish the time you have together. Which reminds me, I was contemplating memories and my time on the web and the friends that I’ve made along the way (like you!) so I mentioned a few things on my blog earlier today.. Go take a peek if you want. The door is always open.

One more thing—I can never remember which is the correct way to spell “grateful.” The “Greatful Dead” way or the literal way. ha. Once a hippie always a hippie I guess, hmm? Dang, you know I think I’m totally wrong? It’s still grateful either way, right??? Geesh! weird kitty, just plain weird girlie.
Grateful Dead
Ok you guys, love ya! See you next time, k?
xoxo, ~Kitty

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