Sometimes I dream I'm floating on the surface of my own life.
it takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else

Hi guys! How ya doin? Some of you may remember when I used the graphics used in this set to adorn the pages of FMG. Remember? In fact the intro page of my hospital/life stories still has parts of the old design. Sooo, rather than sitting here & gathering dust balls, I thought that I would share them with you.

You know, the last couple of sets that I made, I didn’t include nav buttons... should I have? I think I mentioned it then, that with the blogs n’ stuff, you usually just use the drop down/text menus, right? Let me know on the FMG Facebook page if you’d like me to keep including them, k?

ANYway, I’m a little freaked out ‘cos I’m staying up late —oooo— but the thing is, I usually go to bed before 1:00. But hubby dearest is out of town so I’m *living it up* (party animal that I am), but it feels a little weird. Don’t know why. Goodness, I barely went to bed before 3:00 not that long ago!

Ok, regarding this set... I used a bunch of different freebie fonts this time, so I’ll give you the linkolas to them. Ready?
(think I’ll bullet these...)

ahhh, I’m fading here folks...

EWWW! Just let Rosie outside and there was a HUUUGE centipede running across the sidewalk! Then he disappeared! and of course he must have hid from me on purpose so he could sneak up behind me & run up my pants leg! creepy.

Now I’m distracted... is that all I need to tell you guys? Alritey then - OH, there’s 2 dif backgrounds in the download. Hey, enjoy the rest of your summer, and we’ll talk soon, k?
 xoxo, ~Kitty

Pencil quote


Leap, and the net will appear.
A dream is something that fills up the emptiness inside. The one thing that, you know if it came true,
I live my daydreams in art.
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