Music is what feelings sound like
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Hi Guys! Iím not sure
if this text box thingie is going to
work in this little circle... hmm, so far so good.
Itís a little tricky, and maybe itís not fair to you to
be doing this if you donít have NetObjects, Ďcos itís easy
to do this with it. Anyway, this is the dealio for tonite.
I just got through adding a bunch of new links on my resource pages.
Really most excellent - honest. Especially the first couple on the second
page. There are soooo many free things offered on those sites, and high quality stuff too, youíll go nutso.
Now, about this set - I started this set at least a year ago! So I thought Iíd finish it up for you. Few kind of weird things. The font on the buttons is called Sketchley from MyFonts. But then I did the title font in PlzPrint by Outside the Line, and dude! They are 40% off right now at
MyFonts, sooo, check Ďem out.
Again, there are 13 buttons included that I didnít
put here on the page (uh-oh, Iím
running out of my circle!)

I wish I could explain how I did that within the circle up there. But even if I could, Iím just too sleepy right now. Now that Iím not running around saving lives 2 days a week, and sitting here ALL of the time, it gets pretty tiring, ya know? (never thought Iíd say THAT!)
Ok, so, the set is zipped up for you as u-su-al. What else? I dunno. Iím going to bed, k? And really, check out those sites I told you about. (and no, Iím not advertising for them or anything silly)
Who loves ya baby? xoxo ~Kitty


Download the set here (pc only)

music is an outburst of the soul
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