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Hi Guys! I like black and white stuff, with the bright colors for contrast, but as I was putting this set together I realized that it was kind of bordering on *Frou-frou flowery* looking, know what I mean? Thatís usually not me, but whatís done is done.
Anyway, whatís up? You know what? Iíve been playing quite a bit on Facebook lately, and whatís pretty cool is seeing some of you guys on there. When you think about it, especially if youíve been visiting here for awhile, who would have imagined something like Facebook, where weíre kind of in touch at all times?? Amazing stuff, isnít it?
If you havenít joined Facebook yet, just give it a whirl, take a look around... what makes it fun is finding people you know. There are some friends who I hooked up with again after not hearing from them in like, forever - and there they were! Pretty cool.
Ok, about this set. Iíve used this font before, ďSelfishĒ from Edwardo Recife. Iíve included a blank button in the download too in case you want to make your own. AND when you visit Misprinted Type for the font (if you donít have it already) Edwardo has a bunch of other free fonts for you to use also.
Ugh, all of a sudden the lack of sleep has hit me. I could just nod off right this second. Before I DO, let me just tell you that I also couldnít decide what background to use - thereís about 3-4 of Ďem, your choice (Iíll show you what they look like below)
ANYway you can download the set below. And really, why donít you come and be my friend on Facebook - PLUS (and this is new) I created a page just for FullMoon Graphics - check it out and be a *FAN* Itíll be fun. In fact, youíll see me more around there than here!Be my friend!

OK, I gotta go - the Badgers are on, gotta go and watch - hopefully I wonít fall asleep. You all be good - OH, and Happy Thanksgiving! cíyall around. xoxo, ~Kitty


Couple other backgrounds



(you wouldnít believe how many times Iíve changed the background on here!)

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I started to make the buttons like these, but they really are a little too big, ya think? Thereís a couple in the set plus a blank one, k?

Download the set here

You can even use this (below) for a top border on your page - I just didnít know what to do with it right now. :)

FullMoon Graphics link-a-liscious

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