Surprise Surprise! Didn't expect this set, didja? well, since next weekend is my saving-lives weekend, then the one after that is Jennie's graduation, I figured I won't have anything for you for 2 weeks, so here you are! Ok, I have to tell you where I got these wonderful images - Besides the added manipulation of my own doing, these cool retro images are from the Webmistress herself, Jo. She's been collecting old clip art for years and years, and is sharing them with the rest of us, isn't that cool? she hasn't been "visible" very much lately - took her blog down to work on her life, and I miss seeing her around!

You know, I'm sitting here, eyes watering 'cos I'm yawning so much. I have good intentions when I create a set - and I was all excited when it wasn't even 2am, 'cos I figured maybe this time we'd get to chat a little bit longer, but now it's 4am, and I'm quite sleepy.

You know what takes me the longest when I'm creating a new set? Picking out the font to go with the graphics - ya, I think it makes such a difference, don't you? so, in this set, the font on the buttons is "Yawnovision" (HEY! did you see that? "Yawnovision" and *I'm* yawning a lot?? ha!) Anyway, the font was created by the infamous, Ray Larabie.  :::yawn:::

anyway, I must leave you now, gotta get the rest of the set up. Remember, you can grab the entire set all packaged up nice and tidy for you below.

Have a great week you guys, and we'll talk again, k?   xoxo, ~Kitty


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Download the SIT fill  (mac)

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