Hi guys. whassup? If you've been here in the last week or so, you'll notice I mentioned something about a new set - this is it. Sorry it took awhile since then, but I got sidetracked - as usual.
Anyway, this set is a little different in that I didn't really create the original clipart. The clip art on this set all comes from Josella over at Tack-O-Rama. If you've never been to her site, it's a must! Lot's of goodies to download and look at. In fact, let's call this set 50's link-o-rama fest, k? If you're always on the lookout for new fonts and dingbats, Tack-O-Rama's got'em. Some of the dingbats I've never seen before - yay!
Let's see if I can dig up a few more cool 50's links... another very retro site is PixelDecor, with mucho goodies to download for a linkola back. Seems as though the bandwidth robbers are driving her nuts, so you need to email her for a password. No biggie to access her groovy stuff.
Not for downloading (altho you can purchase images), you have to browse through Plan59. Awhile back, I had a retro scheme going on over here, and purchased a handful of images - maybe you remember, altho that design didn't last very long if I remember correctly.
And finally (I know, didn't really give you a whole bunch), for some of the best retro fonts, check out the Font Diner. They're always serving up a bunch of excellent fonts (think I have'em all!) whch includes some freebies too.
I think that's it for tonite. You know, I was born in the mid-fifties, but don't remember anything (obviously), but there's something about the style that I just love to pieces! I hope you enjoy the set. You can download the whole shebang either zipped or stuffed (for macs). The font used on the buttons is "Gypsy Switch" from JukeBox Type, who is now over at Veer. It was a freebie dowload at one time if you registered at the site, but now you have to purchase it. Sorry about that.
ANYhoo, y'all have a wonderful month/week/day/whatever, and I'll see ya next time around, k? xoxo, ~Kitty

download set zipped (pc)

download set stuffed (mac)

(there are large & small versions of most of the images - I'm using the small ones now)


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