Hi everyone. Aren't those little critters just the coolest? The Flash file is the wonderful work of Jared at Levitated. He offers the files as Open Source - meaning you can download the code for free. The hope is that people can learn and expand their knowledge, and possibly create something more grand and amazing which is shared... and on and on... and everyone becomes more informed. Know what I mean?
Soo, I've included Jared's Flash files in the download - please make a note of that somewhere on your page if you use it, k? Spread the luuuuv, yes?
Anyway, the weirdest thing happened to me when I was putting this together last nite. First of all, after being wowed by all of Jared's work, I thought how absolutely calming it was. I was mesmirized playing with some of the lines & dots and creatures... and how relaxing! Then I thought how everyone should have a little creature or two to play with, to unwind after the stress of a busy day, and voilą! that's why I created this set.
OH! but what I was going to say, is that I got a really weird feeling after playing with those critters up there (if you click inside the area, another 1-legged guy pops out) for awhile, I almost felt sad... or wistful, or something that I just couldn't put my finger on. It was weird, but comforting. I know, I know... and no, I wasn't on crack or anything. ;)
Ok. Here's the deal. Everything is zipped up below. You will have to insert the .swf file on your page (the Flash movie). I do not know how the free hosting sites do it, so please don't ask - although I would imagine there's a way to simply add the file to your page? mmm, not sure. I just know that with NetObjects, I just stick the .swf file where I want it and that's that.
The font used for the buttons is "Sarcastic Girl Scout Bitch" from Core.nu (well, that's what it's called), and you can download it for free over there, as well as some other groovy fonts, k?
Have I forgotten anything? I'd better get some work done... it's just so nasty outside, and I'm in a chatty mood... ANYway. Ok. I'm outta here. Have a wunnerful week, and be careful out there! xoxo, ~Kitty

OH! Buttons. yes, there are some. I'll put a few up so you can see them, but there's additional ones in the download, k?

download the zip file (PC)
download the sit file (mac)


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