Happy Mother's Day!  

I've included 3 blank images for your own customized buttons, k?


Hi guys... it's coming around to that day again, Mommy's Day. Everyone is always looking for Mom's Day stuff, yes? Now, you wouldn't have to use the entry graphic as I did for this set, I just felt like it.
And dagnabbit, it's almost 4 a.m. and I'm running out of time to get this up for you tonite, so maybe no chitty-chat right now, hmm? ppfft, that's like telling me to go to bed early for a change!
As a matter of fact, maybe I'll just have to go to bed now and save the rest for tomorrow... ya, I'd better. Sorry, I'm goin' to bed, but I'll c'ya in the a.m., k?
Hi again! Ok, I'm all refreshed, and it's only 9:00... lots more hours left in the day. Anyway, where was I? About this set... the font used is "Eraser Dust" which you can download over here. Also, all of these images are transparent gifs to go on the gray background - they'd probably look a little weird on a different background, although I did make a kind of striped one which I included in the zip file - just in case you want something different.
One thing I should mention... I'm thinking of deleting the oldest page o' sets on the stuff1 page. So if there's anything that you fancy, download it now 'cos it might not be there soon, k?
Okee doke, that should do it for now. Have a great Mother's Day, give her a kiss and get some kisses... or not. Whatever works for you! And I'll c'yall later! xoxo, mamaKitty


Download the set zipped (pc)
Download the set stuffed (macs)


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