Hi all! I didn't plan on making a background for the text, 'cept it didn't show up very well on this red background... oh well.

Anyway, this set is the extent of my scrapbooking abilities. Nope, not for printing out, 'cos everything is at web resolution. I tried doing the large resolution images, but I just felt like I was all thumbs! And if you saw how many layers I make... the size of this




set was like, 40 MB while I was working on it. yikes.

I actually got a wild hair to make them from a couple of visitors, then I wandered over to pcCrafters, and it was from their forum that I got mucho advice in no time! Great group o' ladies, and so darn talented.

So this set is the result of all of that. It was kind of fun to put together, altho there are so many tricks and effects that you can do to duplicate all of the embelleshments and such that people use in scrapbooking. There were a bunch o' links that had great examples... Two Peas in a Bucket and Scrapbook-Bytes (great tutorials), just to name a few.




Now, as far as the layout for this set - what I've done, is make this red textured image a "no-repeat" background for each text box, and simply repeated the box all the way down. Just a little something different. I know it looks a little busy-ish, hmm? You could also stick photos in each box too, as well as your navigation... just about anything.

Everything is all zippity doo-dahed up for you (or stuffed for you mac'ers) and there is also a blank button enclosed. The font used on the buttons is "Jayne Print" which is one of many fonts available for download over at One Scrappy Site (another goodie).




See? You can put a lovely Kodak moment on this too. (yes, I had to try it out for myself, and yes, that's me and my hubby... and Bill in the middle)




Ok, I think that's about it for now. I'm sleepy. Going to go to bed early I think - I must save lives tomorrow.

'nite everyone, and I'll c'yall next time, k?
xoxo, ~Kitty


download set for pc (zipped)
download set for mac (stuffed) 



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