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I love you Mumsy! snowy and warm flannel pjs Shoe Shopping!
12-6 Blah 12-6 Christmas Living 12-26 broken inside...
Big Nature Retro Walk in the Park Painted Black

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Bug Dreams Will You Die for Me?
Santa Claus is Coming to Town! 11-21-04 Wing Woman

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12-26 Biker set Nasty Girl
Pinup Girl - by Joe Chiodo More Jpe Chiodo Art!

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Before emailing me with a question, READ the "info" page or the "resource" page - your answer is there 75% of the time.

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This site and contents, unless otherwise noted, copyright ©KAMead 1995-2008 all rights reserved - Use of any image or text on a commercial site, ie; you make money off of your site, is forbidden, although you may purchase the set if you like. I don't get all freaky if you mix sets - hey, it's up to you if they don't match. I offer these sets free for personal sites where stated, and my only request is that you provide a link back to my site....
I also ask that you not offer my graphics in any collection or separately.
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